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Slika od Stavroula Valiande
DiDeSu Conference Program 2017
od Stavroula Valiande - četrtek, 18. maj 2017, 21:33

DiDeSu Conference  Program 2017

26 -27 May 2017

Slika od Stavroula Valiande
International Conference
od Stavroula Valiande - torek, 14. marec 2017, 16:49

International Conference

Differentiation of instruction for teacher professional Development and students' Success (DiDeSu)

26 - 27 May 2017
CLEOPATRA HOTEL - Nicosia, Cyprus

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Slika od Stavroula Valiande
Training Session - Lesson Observation and Evaluation - GRANADA SPAIN
od Stavroula Valiande - sreda, 7. september 2016, 14:40

Short staff training seminar  for Lesson Observation and evaluation.All participants participated at the training and the workshops to prepare the material for the training seminars for teachers that will follow this school year 2016-2017.  

Slika od Stelios Agapiou
od Stelios Agapiou - torek, 15. december 2015, 11:31

Lujbjana didesu

A lot of work in the first learning activity of DiDeSu. The material for training of teachers regarding differentiated instruction is almost ready!!!